ROC Ripples — 9.18.20

Dear friends,

I am in awe of you. In spite of, or better, because of, the pandemic your generosity continues to change lives. Thank you.

As we reported earlier, your support enabled us to offer an amazing summer enrichment program that allowed over 25 ROC kids an opportunity to “Dream Big.” These children were challenged to grow socially, emotionally and academically and dream big; dream of a future that might have seemed unimaginable prior to this experience.

Two of our young boys, both of whom have been receiving play therapy to deal with their traumas, were assigned to the same small group. To say they didn’t hit it off would be putting it mildly. But we decided to keep them together and see what happened. One of them in particular had episodes of dysregulation, a period where something triggers an inability to deal with strong emotions leading to extreme anxiety. Because of the nature of our enrichment program his staff counselor was readily available to help him reground himself.

By week two, these two boys had developed a strong friendship; they began to recognize the pain each was dealing with. During this week, the first boy began to experience another episode and told the staff person that he was dysregulating and needed to go ground himself. This recognition and self-management alone is significant. His friend tried to follow and was being discouraged by staff when he said, “I need to help [him] ground himself.”

I hope we all can appreciate the significance of this event at so many levels. Would this have happened under other circumstances? Maybe. But it likely happened because of the convergence, in one place, of an exciting growth experience, the ready availability of care and … the growth of his friend in this same environment.

This is the ROC at its best. The ROC simply doing what it was brought together to do. This is how your support transforms lives. You are a blessing to so many

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Frank Cerny, PhD, MDiv
Executive Director
Sometimes ripples turn into tsunamis!

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