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ROC Ripples – 8.6.18

Remember how special it felt to begin a new school year — a fresh start, new clothes and shoes, maybe a new haircut, too. And then there were all the new school supplies — ripping open the packagi…
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ROC Ripples – 7.9.18

Marco. Polo! Tag, you’re it! Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t wait until school let out for summer vacation? Jumping in a pool to play the Marco Polo game or playing t-ball or soccer …
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ROC Ripples — 6.11.18

You wished on a star! And this month your wish came true.  Do you know your gifts helped start a new children’s program at ROC? THANK YOU! Your support made Kids’ Ticket to ROC possible. Kids…
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ROC Ripples — 5.18.18

Sometimes the ripples turn into tsunamis — read below! Please take a moment to adjust your own cap and gown, because due to your generosity one member of the ROC family has just graduated from colle…
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