Job Opportunity: Independent Contractor, Psychiatric/Mental Health Services

The Rural Outreach Center is seeking an independent contractor to provide psychiatric and mental health services!

Reports to: Director of Counseling Services and COO.

Qualifications: Nurse practitioner Masters in psychiatry.

Must have sensitivity to the needs and concerns of the rural poor and issues of poverty.

Ability to work independently and cooperatively with ROC counseling staff and with ROC Participants.

Primary Responsibility: Oversee psychiatric needs of ROC Participants.

Initial assessment of care plans, review updated plans, consult with staff on need for and administration of medications.

The ROC will engage this person as an independent contractor to furnish certain psychiatry/ mental health services at the ROC as follows:

a) Initial review and review of changes in the treatment plan of selected ROC Participants, as identified by the ROC’s counselors and as required by the NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH).

b) Assumption of medical care, including medication prescription, for selected Participants as identified by the ROC’s counseling staff.

This person will meet on-site, as needed, with selected Participants. Most treatment plan reviews can be done remotely.

a) The ROC will bill and collect all fees for both the technical and professional components of the services provided, based on information, and records necessary for the ROC to bill as permitted.

Payment for Services: Payment will depend on experience and will be made based on an agreed upon hourly rate.

Start date: The person hired will start as soon as all necessary background checks can be completed.

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