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ROC Programs


Program 1: U ROC

U ROC is the umbrella program for all adult-focused programs and services at the ROC. It celebrates the journey that our Participants take from needing acute assistance to reaching an empowered state. The ROC provides opportunities for Participants to receive counseling and case management, seek out additional services, attend classes and programs, and grow as human beings. By empowering Participants to make their own choices and take charge of their own journeys, we highlight their accomplishments. At the same time, ROC staff is always nearby to offer support and guidance. We know there will be stumbling blocks. We also know that with time, support, and determination, our Participants can finish their journey to self-sufficiency.

Program 2: Kids ROC

Kids ROC is the whole of all programs offered to children birth-17 here at the ROC. The ROC strongly believes in a two-generation approach to solving rural poverty. This includes offering play therapy services, enrichment and learning opportunities, and a place where kids feel they belong. We empower children to see that they have control over their own lives and that they are capable of achieving great things.

Kids ROC
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