Linking people with the resources they need to thrive

Care Coordination

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Care Coordination may help individuals obtain housing, employment, and transportation, apply for benefits such as SNAP, HEAP, and WIC, register at a local food pantry, and navigate community resources

Care Coordination connects people with the resources they need to live a happier, safer, and healthier life. Every service offered at The ROC focuses on changing the long-term future of individuals and their families. Care Coordination is a vital step in that process.

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Care Coordination at The ROC

The ROC’s Care Coordinators are often the first people new Participants see at The ROC. For a person in crisis – no job, no car, or about to be evicted – linking with a Care Coordinator is the first step in the journey to self-sufficiency. Our Care Coordinators are researchers and advocates during that journey, providing encouragement and support as Participants move forward in their lives.

Care Coordination at the ROC focuses on helping the whole person.

Our Care Coordinators might refer a Participant to receive counseling as well, once the person is in a stable living situation. They might help a Participant find a doctor who takes their health insurance or arrange for transportation so a Participant can get to work each day. At each step along the journey, our Care Coordinators are there assisting, elevating, and empowering Participants as they go from being in crisis to celebrating their own self-sufficiency.

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Ashley's Story

Ashley came to The ROC in crisis. She had three kids. Her husband – who was violent towards her – was in jail. She was in the process of getting a divorce. She had no savings, no income, and no car. She was being evicted. Life was falling down around Ashley and she needed help.

Read Ashley's Story
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