ROC Ripples — 1.9.19

As a couple, supporting the ROC is one of the more selfish things that we do.

Walking up the steps to the ROC, we always have smiles on our faces …

It feels good to know we are changing someone’s life.

Helping “John” change his life makes Diane feel good too.

As we pass from the lobby to the meeting room, we observe the teamwork, compassion, and dedication of the professional staff, dedicated volunteers, and grateful Participants.

We had taken the Social Work Assistance Team (SWAT) course, but we were still a bit apprehensive.  How could we help a Participant improve their life?  As it turns out, most of us throughout our lives develop the very skills that ROC Participants often lack. We realized we were in a position to help!

We work with a man, “John.” He has problems with anger, risky behavior, health issues, goal and priority setting, budgeting, and other areas. When we came on the scene, he was already being helped by the social workers and was showing measurable progress. But by spending one-on-one time with him, he has gone farther, faster.

Mike can see the progress “John” has made with his assistance. For Mike, there’s no better gift.

In one memorable day last March, we helped him complete his taxes, initialized a Roth IRA retirement plan, finalized a car loan, picked up a “new” car, returned his rental car, and stopped to take him out for a fast-food lunch.

Slowly, we have gained his trust.  This has made a big difference. In the last two years, he has acquired better decision-making skills, remained within his budget, become more independent, and identified future goals and a plan for how to achieve them.

There have been times we stumbled or were uncertain about how to proceed.  But the ROC staff and other volunteers were there to guide us. It just all fits together. The family of Participants, professionals, and volunteers make the ROC “rock”.

… And walking back down the steps we have a smile in our hearts.

Diane and Mike Hart, SWAT Volunteers

Sometimes ripples turn into tsunamis!

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