ROC Ripples – 10.9.18

All of us have had a special child tug at our heart. We want the best for them. We want them to have a wonderful life. We want to see them succeed.

And so it is with every child we see at the ROC. They are all so very special in their own way.

100% of the children in programs at the Rural Outreach Center have suffered some sort of trauma that makes future success much more difficult. It will be harder for them to succeed in school, graduate from college, or land a job with which

Your gifts mean the world to them.

to support a family.

Your support allows the ROC to assist, empower, and elevate the adults that walk through our doors seeking help.

But we all know the future lies with the children.

The ROC recognizes the “2Gen” approach to generational poverty – that to break the cycle of poverty you must address the needs of both the adults and the children.

That’s why with your help this month the ROC has launched it’s new children’s umbrella program, Kids ROC!

Kids ROC starts with outcomes for success developed by the Josephson Institute, “Character Counts.” Many schools in the area use this same program to encourage positive traits in their students.

Children in Kids ROC accomplish concrete tasks that are attached to these outcomes and earn “ROC Bucks” which are deposited into their “ROC Bank accounts.” Once a month they are allowed to make a “withdrawal” for an incentive, such as a gift card to Vidler’s or Toy Loft. All children in the program also receive a monthly Book Worm gift certificate to encourage reading and grow their own personal libraries.

From backpacks to snackpacks, it’s all possible because of your support!

So many of you volunteer in one of our children’s programs – reading to preschoolers in our School Readiness program, playing with the kids as their parents attend a ROC U mentoring circle, or buying a child their first set of bed sheets as their SWAT member. You know how much they need you and how vulnerable they are.

Thank you for your generosity to our ROC kids and thank you for your commitment to the future.

Darci Cramer, Ph.D.
Board Member

Sometimes the ripples turn into tsunamis!

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