ROC Ripples — 2.6.19

This success story is all because of you!

Carl had been doing quite well.  He had a small, profitable home remodeling business.  He was happily married with a child and owned his own home.  But then his wife left him and he couldn’t cope with his grief.

Carl suddenly became a single parent. His young son, Caleb, had mental health issues. He started drinking. He had employable skills, but could not keep the depression or alcohol at bay long enough to keep his clients. Carl came to the ROC for help.

Carl started counseling. He set goals and developed a plan to meet them. Carl brought Caleb to Play Therapy and to ROCin’ Kids night, a monthly children’s program.

In keeping with the ROC’s empowerment philosophy, to give back, Carl used his skills to fix other Participant’s mobile homes. He created a budget with our financial counselor. And at Nutrition ROCs, Carl and Caleb learned about nutrition, how to cook nutritious and delicious meals, and about healthy family dinnertime interaction.  

Both Carl and Caleb began to make progress.   

Last month, Carl proudly announced this would be his last session because he didn’t need the ROC’s assistance anymore. Carl was stable and Caleb had made progress.  

Can you imagine what would have happened to Carl and Caleb had you not been there for them? Your assistance made all the difference for Carl and his son when they needed it most. Without you, Carl would have had nowhere to turn and he and Caleb might never have gotten back on track.

So, today, take a moment to congratulate yourself because his success is your success!

THANK YOU for your continued support.

Maria Knickerbocker, Director of Social Work

The ripples you create turn into tsunamis!

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