ROC Ripples — 3.5.19

Have you ever wondered what your commitment to the ROC supports?

Well, wonder no longer! 

Within a two-hour period one morning last week: 

  • A dad, Ray, and son, Tom, came in because their wife/mom had left and stolen everything. She had taken all their money, birth certificates, photographs … everything.  Tom, a little preschooler, asked Sue at the front desk, “Can you get me a new mom? Mine left us.” Ray can’t work because he can’t get/afford daycare and has no one to care for Tom.
  • An older man name George came in with the sole of his shoe flapping.  It was very cold outside and his feet were soaked. But he wasn’t complaining. He worked outside and needed new boots so he could go back to work. He wondered if we could help.
  • A middle-aged woman named Mary came in. She had just lost her best friend to cancer, but she didn’t have the funds necessary to bury him. She had no idea what to do.

Because of you…

  • Ray and Tom’s immediate needs were managed and we helped Ray find a job. A dedicated ROC supporter volunteered to care for Tom, so Ray can go back to work and get back on his feet.
  • George received a new pair of boots and he happily returned to work.
  • Mary was assured she didn’t need to worry — that her friend would be taken care of appropriately.

This is the work your commitment, dedication and financial support.


Frank Cerny, Executive Director

Sometimes ripples turn into tsunamis!

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