ROC Ripples — 4.3.19

“Things had to change. Nothing I had done in the past helped me to change. I’d been doing the same stuff for 10 years. I was literally homeless and had no other choice, so I called ROC’s Code Blue program. I stayed at the ROC every day and the staff kept talking to me, even though some days I didn’t want to hear it. So, finally, it sunk in!”
— Jesse, former Code Blue Participant

Finally, spring is in the air!  The long, harsh winter posed many challenges for the rural poor.  While we have enjoyed our warm homes, staff and volunteers at the ROC have worked tirelessly to offer shelter, food and a shower to the poor in our community through our Code Blue program which houses the homeless when the temperature is below 32 degrees.  This year the ROC’s Code Blue program has grown to almost 500 visits!

Where did these people go before you were there for them?

We are so grateful for your commitment to our mission and you should be proud of the successes your support has made possible. 

Jesse, a former Code Blue Participant, had been kicked out of rehab for fighting and had lost his job.  He was living beneath a bridge. It was well below 32 degrees so we encouraged him to come to the ROC for the night. Over the next few weeks, he decided to join the ROC program to begin taking the steps necessary to change his life.  

ROC assisted him, but he has been doing the hard work himself.  Four months later, we are happy to tell you, Jesse is in counseling, works two jobs, has moved into his own apartment, and is spending as much time with his daughter as possible.  

It is only through the generosity of individuals like you that we are able to help people like Jesse. The promise of spring brings sunshine and warmth and the need for Code Blue will go away until next year. But poverty is not a seasonal problem. It is with us throughout the year.  

Our services are not charity. ROC Participants work hard, and with our guidance develop their path to success. But they cannot do it without your help. 

And so on behalf of Jesse and all those who will benefit from your support, thank you. 

Camille Arth, LMSW, Rural Outreach Center
Code Blue Coordinator

Sometimes ripples turn into tsunamis!

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