ROC Ripples — 5.7.19

Mork: On Earth, a mother does all sorts of other nice things for her children for her entire life. Oh, it’s a warm and wonderful thing.
Orson: How much does she get paid?
Mork: Nothing.
Orson: Is it because her work is considered of no real value?
Mork: No, because it’s considered priceless.
                        — Mork and Mindy, “A Mommy for Morky”

This Mother’s Day, as you’re honoring your own mom, take a moment to think about how important you are to so many other mothers. Our Participants are grateful that you believe in their future and are willing to assist them on their journey. 

You assist some amazing mothers through your support of the Rural Outreach Center.

We all know how hard parenting is under the best of circumstances, but mothers who come to the ROC show super human strength every day.

Take Barbara, for instance.  

Barbara has three children. Her husband left her and she is raising them alone. She works full-time during the school year. She has a strict budget but is still not making ends meet. Her children come to play therapy, but she hardly asks for anything more, even though this wonderful family doesn’t have sheets for their beds or bowls for the children to eat their morning cereal.  

During the summer, things get even tougher as she has to cut her hours because there isn’t anyone to watch her children while she’s at work.

Your support gives these children a chance. It’s an investment in the future of our community.  

Backpacks filled with school supplies, winter clothes to get through the cold months, not to mention the emergency food or the gas cards she sometimes needs to get to work.  

YOU make it all possible.  

On their behalf, thank you!

Kelly Shanahan, ROC Case Manager

Sometimes ripples turn into tsunamis!

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