ROC Ripples — 6.11.18

You wished on a star!

And this month your wish came true.  Do you know your gifts helped start a new children’s program at ROC?

THANK YOU! Your support made Kids’ Ticket to ROC possible.

Kids’ Ticket to ROC provides support so children can go to extracurricular activities like dance, karate, riding lessons and lacrosse, among others, all free for their families.

You didn’t know you were responsible for that little girl’s laughter? How about a few grins?Attending to and nurturing the human spirit is part of the ROC mission, and this program does just that for dozens of kids whose parents do not have the resources to spare for after-school fun.

You have transformed Ella’s life!

Ella wanted to take dance lessons for the longest time, but her mom could not afford them. And besides not dancing, Ella has not had the easiest childhood. Her parents are divorced and her mom is chronically ill, putting strict time and resource limits on Ella’s outside activities. Then her beloved aunt died, and so did her cat. Both deaths were devastating to this little star. Ella also has a learning disability, making school and schoolwork difficult. Through it all, Ella’s mom has been steadfast in her commitment to the ROC, faithfully attending counseling sessions for herself and her daughter.

Ella and her mom were thrilled when we included her in the Kids’ Ticket to ROC program. And last week we received a wonderful surprise … the little girl named Ella has become a “Star!”

We are all so proud of Ella’s accomplishment!

The dance class offers something called the Star Program. Children in the Star Program earn points by doing homework, household chores, helping out siblings, and having a good attitude. If they earn enough points, each child gets to go to a monthly pizza party. At first, Ella was not interested. She had a poor attitude and simply did not wish to participate. Then after several weeks, ROC received a call from the dance studio reporting that Ella made a complete turnaround. Ella has become the “Star” of the Star Program! Her attitude and behaviors have changed and she has earned enough points to attend three pizza parties.

Your support helped make Ella into a Star! Of course, we knew she was one all along … but we could not do what we do without you.

Sometimes the ripples turn into tsunamis!

Frank Cerny
Executive Director

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