ROC Ripples – 7.9.18

Marco. Polo! Tag, you’re it!

Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t wait until school let out for summer vacation? Jumping in a pool to play the Marco Polo game or playing t-ball or soccer in the sun? Those lazy hazy days of going to get an ice cream cone after a long day of fun.

THANK YOU Victory Sports Global Outreach and Doug Rifenburg for your generousity!

You must, because you have been very generous to the children who come to the ROC. THANK YOU!

For many children who live in rural poverty, summer isn’t much fun.

Amber lives in a mobile home community that has no playground. She has no bike, and her parents have no car to take her anywhere for summer activities. Imagine how long summer drags on, especially knowing that her classmates are all laughing and playing on a swing set.

Directly because of your gifts, ROC has established a partnership with Joy Wheel Yoga in East Aurora to provide a four-week summer program for children who live in rural poverty. ROC in Motion helps get kids moving with fitness fun that emphasizes physical skills, self-esteem and team-building. Activities include everything from yoga to kickball to scavenger hunts.

Kids learn new skills, make friends and gain self-confidence at ROC in Motion.

At the beginning of the program last year, Connor was getting frustrated because he could not hula-hoop. Megan could catch a ball but kept saying she wasn’t very good at it. By the end of the summer, Connor was a hula-hoop wizard and Megan gained enough confidence in her athletic abilities that she stopped her put-downs. Both of their parents were supportive and happy to help out with the program too.

So many of you who visited the program were so touched by the joy on the faces of the children who attend ROC in Motion. Your generosity has made it all possible again. What a wonderful gift to help kids enjoy summer!

We could not do what we do without you!

Sometimes the ripples turn into tsunamis!
Frank Cerny
Executive Director

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