ROC Ripples — 7.9.19

Every July 4th while you are sitting in your sister’s or brother’s backyard, on your lawn chairs, eating your first hot dog of the season, and later oohing and ahhhing over the colorful bursts of stars in the sky, we often forget what we are really celebrating.  


Everyone wants it. It’s what your support of the ROC is all about.  ROC Participants are working hard every day to achieve just that.

Your support is critical to helping them overcome the barriers that some days seem insurmountable to them.

Your commitment gives gas cards and helps reduce childcare costs so ROC Participants can get to jobs. Community support means reduced costs for preschool and access to afterschool activities so children can get a head start on education and break the cycle of generational poverty.  And at the ROC they find the support they need to make it through the bad days.

Take John for instance. John is a single dad who knew he needed to go back to school to make a better life for himself and his little daughter, Colette.  But he needed support.  He needed gas money to go back and forth to D’Youville. He needed food cards during the school year when he had to cut his hours. He needed guidance and emotional support when the going got tough. And he needed a car loan so he could get to school.  

You made it all possible for John and so many others.  

Today, John has graduated and has a job. He’s a great dad to his daughter and there is a bright future for them both.

At every step along the way, you were there. You helped him become self-sufficient.

For the rest of the month, feel good about your contribution to the many ROC Participants you are helping achieve independence.

You make it all possible.

Frank Cerny, Executive Director

 Sometimes ripples turn into tsunamis!

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