ROC Ripples – 9.13.18

I am so excited to update you on ROC’s new program that we’ve developed with your support!   This program is very innovative and effective. It’s exactly why I’m so committed to the Rural Outreach Center.

Your support assists Participants as they work toward self-sufficiency.

ROC U is the new umbrella program that coordinates the assistance your support provides to Participants who are working hard to achieve self-sufficiency.

Your commitment has allowed us to assist, empower and elevate our Participants along their path to break the cycle of poverty.

When individuals and families first come to the ROC, they are usually in crisis.  Your support means we can assess the situation, offer assistance to stabilize the family, work with them to determine goals, and then craft a Participant Partnership Agreement in which they outline their path to success, and, with your generosity, the help they will receive from the ROC.

Mentoring circles have empowered Participants with knowledge that can lead to change.  So many of you have so generously donated your time and talent to lead our Mentoring Circles.  From Finding Financial Freedom, to Learning Healthy Habits, to Parenting, ROC U Mentoring Circles began in March with one Participant.  Our last Circle had 11 attendees even though it was the middle of summer and we have MANY more people interested in Circles beginning this fall.

We track 13 goals with quarterly evaluations.  As strong supporters of the ROC, we wanted you to know all your support is paying off!  In 2017, our data showed that at least 50% of our Participants have moved at least one step on one scale – with Emotional Stability showing the most improvement.

This is all because of you — your support, and your commitment to break the cycle of generational rural poverty.

Our Participants could not do this without you.

Thank you.

Vicki Feine
Board Chair

Sometimes ripples turn into tsunamis!