Mission History Impact

Success Story – Ashley


Ashley came to the ROC in crisis. She had three kids. Her husband – who was violent towards her – was in jail. She was in the process of getting a divorce. She had no savings, no income, and no car. She was being evicted. Life was falling down around Ashley and she needed help.

Care Coordinator Kelly was by Ashley’s side every step of the way. She helped her navigate the court system, attending hearings with her and helped her feel confident and less alone in the process. She connected Ashley with social services and helped her get temporary assistance, SNAP, HEAP, and WIC benefits. Kelly reached out to other agencies in the community to get Ashley more services. Through the Wyoming County Action Group, Ashley found housing for herself and her kids. Kelly was there helping Ashley move into that new house – a new start for the whole family. Ashley found a job as a teacher’s aide. Her new home is close to her work and her kids’ school. Kelly helped Ashley file for child support. Ashley steadily regained control over her life and became capable of self-sufficiency.

Ashley is in a great place today. She has a steady income, a safe place to raise her family, & can provide for her children. The ROC couldn’t be happier for Ashley.