Mission History Impact

Success Story – Mary


When 8-year-old Mary first came to the ROC, she was anxious and easily agitated by even the smallest of things. On top of dealing with bullying at school, her parents recently divorced and she was now living with her mom. The changes brought by the divorce were overwhelming to Mary and made her anxiety much worse.

Mary’s social worker used play therapy to help Mary through the many changes and anxieties she was experiencing. Together, they played games and did activities that helped Mary learn how to identify the emotions she felt and the triggers that caused her anxiety to worsen. She learned important coping skills that helped when her anxiety went up. Mary started feeling more confident about new situations.

Mary and her mother attended joint sessions together as a way for Mary’s mom to learn how to help Mary when her anxiety rose. Mary and her mom grew much closer. Mary grew confident enough to want to join a local soccer team. Through a grant, the ROC was able to provide funding for Mary to join the team. She is now a happier, more outgoing child.