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ROC Ripples – 10.9.18

All of us have had a special child tug at our heart. We want the best for them. We want them to have a wonderful life. We want to see them succeed. And so it is with every child we see at the ROC. The…
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ROC Ripples – 9.13.18

I am so excited to update you on ROC’s new program that we’ve developed with your support!   This program is very innovative and effective. It’s exactly why I’m so committed to the Rural Ou…
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ROC Ripples – 8.6.18

Remember how special it felt to begin a new school year — a fresh start, new clothes and shoes, maybe a new haircut, too. And then there were all the new school supplies — ripping open the packagi…
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ROC Ripples – 7.9.18

Marco. Polo! Tag, you’re it! Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t wait until school let out for summer vacation? Jumping in a pool to play the Marco Polo game or playing t-ball or soccer …
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ROC Ripples — 6.11.18

You wished on a star! And this month your wish came true.  Do you know your gifts helped start a new children’s program at ROC? THANK YOU! Your support made Kids’ Ticket to ROC possible. Kids…
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