ROC’s Summer Enrichment Program Week 1 – Dream Big!  At about 8:50 a.m. on Monday, July 13, the first cars began to pull into the parking lot of the ROC. Each of the Summer Enrichment Program staff members waited excitedly to meet the kids they would get to spend th

Look at what you’ve done this year!  Imagine what we can do next year… A ROC Success Before Kelsey walked into ROC, her life had hit its lowest point. She and her husband were unemployed and living day-to-day. They didn’t have the basics we all take for granted �

Watch our new PSA: A special thank you to Noah Cosimano-White and McCandless Marketing and Media for their hard work and support. *** Kelly is a young mom dedicated to giving her family a better life.  She works 4 jobs and has partnere

A woman I’ll call Ann came to the ROC for help a little over four years ago. Like many of our participants, Ann was unemployed, trying to do her best for her family but had run out of resources. The ROC connected her with services to meet her family’s immediate needs. For fou

Special Issue of ROC Ripples     Fundraiser!   We’ll be sharing with you some of our work in the next newsletter but wanted to send you a special greeting to let you know about our upcoming fundraiser at the Elm Street Bakery. All tickets are available at the Bakery,

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