ROC Ripples – 03.24.14


The Rural Outreach Center (the ROC) is creating ripples that are touching the lives of many in our communities.

The ROC continues to serve those who are struggling in our rural communities. The ROC has created a place of hope where those in need can easily access multiple resources to assist, empower and elevate them to self-sufficiency.

These photos show, in part, how that model is working. At a recent free community dinner attendees were able to receive assistance from our social workers and receive household items from New Paths while their children were engaging in an exciting, engaging literacy program.

This is an example of the many synergies being created through the ROC. These synergies will be enhanced and expanded once our visionary building is in place; much of the building will be multipurpose so that a variety of agencies and programs can share space. As seen below from left to right – 1. warehouse space for New Paths and storage for snack pack and other supplies, 2. multipurpose offices, including clinic space, 3. commercial kitchen, 4. space with moveable walls for classes and other gathering activities, and 5. worship space designed to also be available for other uses.

Future Ripples will highlight other programs.




Maria_and_KarenOur social worker, Maria Knickerbocker and UB student intern, Karen Healy work directly with those we serve.


New_PathsThe New Paths Household Goods Redistribution Center collects donations and clients pay a small amout, donate in-kind, or volunteer for the ROC


Southtowns_LiteracyThe Southtowns Literacy Resource Center, through Houghton College, provides one of our programs to empower children to avoid future poverty.


ROC_poster49e6685e0321Join us on April 6th for fun and music at the Elm Street Bakery. Call 716 240 2220 for tickets

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