ROC Ripples — 3.18.20

Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

We at The Rural Outreach Center, serving S. Erie, W. Wyoming and N. Cattaraugus counties, would like to share the action we have taken to support our community in the face of COVID-19 challenges. Our goal is to ensure that those in need during this crisis have access to resources that will ease the burden of poverty and avoid debilitating hardships.

First, if you know of someone within our service area in need of help with food or who has another urgent need, please call the ROC at 716-240-2220.  We will do our best to help. 

We are asking those in need to call ahead for an appointment so we can keep the number of individuals in our facility to fewer than 10.

You can help.

While many schools are ensuring that children who normally receive food assistance can continue to do so while schools are closed, we are finding that this is not sufficient for most families. This is particularly so for families whose parents have been laid off. The ROC is seeking help in gathering resources to ensure that no children are hungry.

We also are seeking help in putting together food and supply boxes that we can deliver do those who are unable to get out.

Please consider donating to the ROC so we can best support our community during this time of need.  We are opening our doors to the wider community in an effort to ensure all families have food on the table and have the resources they need over the next several weeks.  If you would like to donate to our efforts, please visit to see a full list of our needs. We are only able to accept NEW items.

You can drop off donations at the ROC at 730 Olean Road, East Aurora, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Other arrangements can be made if necessary.

Monetary donations can be made at the ROC or on our website. Donations will be used to purchase gas cards / food cards for community needs.

Finally, as you consider purchasing items, please support your local businesses as much as possible!

In partnership,

 Frank Cerny, Executive Director

 Sometimes ripples turn into tsunamis!

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