ROC Ripples — 4.13.20

I had a friend with whom I would regularly debate the question as to whether humans are basically good or bad. This, of course, is a question debated over the centuries by philosophers and theologians alike. I have always come down clearly on the “good” side.

My position, that people are inherently good, is being affirmed during this current pandemic. The goodness, generosity, and willingness to sacrifice for others, of people seen through news broadcasts is absolutely breathtaking – and even tear evoking.

But we don’t need to watch news to see evidence of this goodness. The ROC has seen increased volunteer offers, donations of needed goods and large and small financial donations from Foundations, the Community COVID-19 Fund, private managed funds and so many individuals. We continue to be overwhelmed by this generosity. Thank you.

Here’s what your support means:

Our dedicated, creative, passionate staff feels greatly supported and know that their work is appreciated. This is critical during a time when everyone is working overtime, under stress, to meet our rural community needs. Thank you.

Families with children who are having difficulty matching their peer’s family and technological resources, are now getting the help they need so these children don’t fall behind. For instance, a family of four may no longer have to make multiple trips to the school parking lot so they can access the internet, and are supported by volunteer mentors. Thank you

Those without transportation, or who are vulnerable and therefore staying at home, can have supplies delivered by volunteer drivers. Thank you.

Families who have run out or are now running out of food can receive emergency food and gas/grocery cards to get them through the next few months. Thank you.

Families already under stress, who are feeling greater stress, continue to receive counseling and therapy sessions through telecommunications. This is so critical to our children. Thank you.

Yes, there are bad people out there, but basically, when we scratch the surface we find a basic goodness. And for that we all can give thanks.

We also want you to know that we are doing everything we can to keep staff and those we serve safe. Because of our limited, overcrowded space, we are limiting staff presence and asking those coming for help to wait outside; less than optimal, but under the circumstances, necessary. For those involved in our Code Blue, and now Code 19, ROC’s 24/7 homeless program, we monitor temperature and symptoms. Cleaning potentially contaminated surfaces, is now routine.


Frank Cerny, PhD, MDiv
Executive Director

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  • Peggy Mcclure

    You reach out to so many in need - We are grateful to have you and your Staff in our community! My Brother passed away a year ago and we donated his car to the ROC. We see it cruising the streets of East Aurora now and again and it brings a smile to my face. He drove that car all the way down to Florida and back to see his only Granddaughter just before he passed. Thanks for all you guys do! God bless you all????

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