ROC Ripples — 5.9.17

Look at what you’ve done this year!  Imagine what we can do next year…

A ROC Success

Before Kelsey walked into ROC, her life had hit its lowest point. She and her husband were unemployed and living day-to-day. They didn’t have the basics we all take for granted — important things such as food and comfortable housing, and little things like cleaning supplies and enough toilet paper.

ROC helped them with their immediate needs, and more importantly, ROC helped them see the big picture. After two years of hard work with ROC’s team of caring professionals, Kelsey and her husband began achieving great things. Just last month, Kelsey came back to see us, excited about their new lives. They both work full-time; they own a house, and their kids are doing well in school. She credits ROC for changing their lives and making their dreams come true. 

A Letter From Frank

To all of the generous supporters of the Rural Outreach Center I have to say, “Thank you.”

Of course, it means a lot to those of us who work with our participants to empower them, and who provide the services that help to elevate them to self-sufficiency. Your valuing our work lifts our spirits each day and encourages us to work harder to accomplish our mission. You have entrusted us with your resources and we value that.

But the real thanks you need to hear comes from those we serve.

Jane who broke down in tears at seeing the Christmas gifts you provided saying, “How can I thank you? I can now pay my rent and have a great Christmas for my children.”

Or Jason, who, upon finding out that we had connected him to a job contact said, “There is no thanks great enough for what you have provided for the future of my family.”

And then Mike, who, through a budgeting and savings program, was able to get a reliable car, saying, “This is something most people can’t imagine. Even I couldn’t have imagined it 6 months ago. Thank you.”

Finally, Marsha, like so many others, who said, “Nobody has ever cared for me this way before. Thanks.”

Quite simply, we were called to serve our rural communities in this wonderful way eight years ago and never in our wildest imagination would have envisioned what the ROC has become —  an asset to our communities and a ray of hope for those we serve. Given the past, then, I can’t imagine what the future might look like. But I do know one thing; we can’t do it without your support.  Thank you.

So here’s looking forward with excitement and back with gratitude. Thanks.

Frank Cerny, Executive Director

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