ROC Ripples — 7.20.20

ROC’s Summer Enrichment Program
Week 1 – Dream Big
At about 8:50 a.m. on Monday, July 13, the first cars began to pull into the parking lot of the ROC. Each of the Summer Enrichment Program staff members waited excitedly to meet the kids they would get to spend the next few weeks with. Our staff had spent the previous week learning all about their groups and all of the fun enrichment actives, much of it video-based, that would take place. It wasn’t long before all of the kids arrived, and we began our journey to Dream Big. As we sit here writing this at the end of our very first week, both of us could not be more excited for what is to come!

The theme of our very first week was “I am…?” and it was full of activities geared toward getting to know a little bit more about each other and giving kids the chance to share some of the things that make them unique! On Monday we drew life-sized body biographies, composed six-word visual stories, and made our very own kaleidoscopes! Tuesday gave us mixed-tapes, binary code bracelets & “Who am I?” videos. By the time we got to Wednesday, we could already see how each of the groups was forging incredible friendships and establishing a group identity. Kids shared the important places in their community, continued to work on their “Who am I?” videos, and learned about color mixing through walking rainbows. And, even though Thursday’s rain forced us inside during the late morning and afternoon, the kids were unfazed! After an awesome kickball game, they wrote group cheers, learned about flextangles and flexagons, and composed their very own vocabulary videos.

Each day right after lunch kids are given the opportunity to choose an activity as a part of some structured free time. Some created friendship bracelets, some played games, and others opted to create their very own village in the woods. Our afternoons are filled with group games and drama. We played ring of fire, keep it up, stuck in the mud, museum, and winker just to name a few! As the week went on it was clear that each group was beginning to work as a team. We saw friendships being forged and each of the kids’ individual personalities beginning to shine through. As the counselors went home Thursday afternoon each of them carried with them the secret that Friday was going to be epic.

When the kids hopped out of the car on Friday morning, they had no idea what was in store for them. They could tell that things were a little different but couldn’t quite figure out why. We began our day as always with small group meetings and a whole program round-up. We stretched out our muscles, shook out the energy, and learned a new dance before starting our day. This time, however, instead of heading to their first activity each group was given a box and a mission. For the next couple of hours, each team worked to complete a scavenger hunt. They solved clues, built forts, found supplies, and created their very own team flags. At the end of the hunt, we were introduced to The Purple Sillies, The Red Beatles, The Green Dragons, and The Blue Beans. As we regrouped for lunch each group could be overheard telling stories about their epic scavenger adventure! And to finish out our week we embarked on a special trip to The Healthy Zone Rink during the afternoon.

At the end of this very first week, we can confidentially say that this has been an incredibly rewarding week for us, for the counselors and we hope for each of the kids. The next few weeks will be full of art, music, digital composition, games, and drama and we couldn’t be more excited!

Nichole & Nick, Program Directors

Join us as we keep their Big Dreams alive.

Dear Friends of the ROC,

The above description gives you an idea of our summer enrichment program. The program was developed in response to observations that our ROC kids were regressing in their social-emotional and academic goals. But we didn’t want to be satisfied with a maintenance program. We wanted an experience that would be a platform for growth beyond what these children would otherwise be able to expect. Our challenge to them, and each of us, is to “Dream Big”.

Your support makes it all possible. Thank you.

Frank Cerny, PhD, MDiv
Executive Director

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