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ROC Ripples — 7.9.19

Every July 4th while you are sitting in your sister’s or brother’s backyard, on your lawn chairs, eating your first hot dog of the season, and later oohing and ahhhing over the colorful bursts of…
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ROC Ripples — 6.4.19

Most of the time when we think about single parents, we think about mothers and their children. The ROC has many of those. But we also have some single dads who are heroes to their children and to th…
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ROC Ripples — 5.7.19

Mork: On Earth, a mother does all sorts of other nice things for her children for her entire life. Oh, it’s a warm and wonderful thing.Orson: How much does she get paid?Mork: Nothing.Orson: Is it b…
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