ROC Ripples – 11.7.18

Accountability. It’s part of the ROC’s DNA.

Helping our Participants hold themselves accountable.
Holding ourselves accountable.

In my work at Independent Health as Director of Membership Operations, accountability is essential. The ROC’s model of accountability is one of the big reasons I agreed to become a board member and devote my time to them.

The ROC tracks and quantifies the outcomes of Participants in their program – ROC U. We believe it’s important for friends of ROC to know their support is making a measurable difference in people’s lives.

The ROC’s innovative model rests on the ROC’s mission of “Assist, Empower, and Elevate.” There is a reason we call the people we help “Participants;” it’s because they are truly engaged, they are participating, in improving their lives.

At Intake, Participant’s entering ROC’s program are assessed on a five-point scale on each of the Social Determinants of Health – the measures above. Quarterly, we review and check the progress of each of our Participants.

We are very excited to share the program’s results for 2017!
The chart above clearly shows the improvement made by Participants who have been in the ROC U program for at least a year.

Of ROC Participants who have chosen as a goal:
Improve Housing – 63% have moved up at least one point.
Improve Health – 53% have moved up at least one point.
Emotional Stability – 50% have improved at least one point.

It is important to note that moving up one point on this scale is a significant achievement.

It takes the hard work of our Participants, the dedication of our staff, and your generous and strong support to make that possible.

These Social Determinant of Health measures are valuable predictors of the health of our community, so I know how important results such as these are. This proves clearly why the ROC is a critical community organization for Western New York.

And why your support matters.

I support the ROC because I care deeply about the cause, but can I see the results.

The ROC’s model is working.

Thanks for all you do!

Andrew Lipp, Director of Membership Operations, Independent Health
ROC Board Member

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