ROC Ripples — 5.18.18

Sometimes the ripples turn into tsunamis — read below!

Please take a moment to adjust your own cap and gown, because due to your generosity one member of the ROC family has just graduated from college.

THANK YOU! Your support of ROC made it all possible, so let’s take a moment to celebrate.

Darryl first came to us as a volunteer.  Then, tragedy hit when his young wife died, leaving him to raise their son alone. He was working more than 40 hours each week to support his son, and going to school part-time. But as a newly grieving family, his son needed him more, so Darryl took a break from college … with only a handful of credits left necessary to achieve his degree.

When Darryl announced he could not finish college because of his family and financial responsibilities, your generosity allowed him the flexibility and support necessary to go back to finish his education. The elements of support included food cards, finding a used car for transportation, help to obtain an affordable loan, and ongoing counseling and programing for his son.

Spring is graduation time – when we imagine all the possibilities that higher education can hold for the future. Fulfilling a dream to become a software tech, engineer, teacher, social worker, nurse, or maybe even a graphic artist, now that Darryl has his diploma, anything is possible for his family’s brightest future.

Without you, Darryl would not have received the assistance he needed to complete his education. With this degree, he has proven that the hard journey from ROC assistance to individual empowerment is possible – a feat that not only required hard work and perseverance on his part, but support from generous people like you.

This month, we celebrate Darryl’s success, and your generosity that made it possible.

We could not do what we do without you!

Frank Cerny
Executive Director

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