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Martin Luther King Junior said, “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.” As an organization focused on disparities and injustices in our rural areas, we must never forget that this is part of the greater world of injustice. We are, therefore, compelled to offer a stateme

I had a friend with whom I would regularly debate the question as to whether humans are basically good or bad. This, of course, is a question debated over the centuries by philosophers and theologians alike. I have always come down clearly on the “good” side. My position, tha

KEY TO HELPING IS SAFETY AND FLEXIBILITY Keeping safe today requires flexibility. Social work staff at the ROC is well versed in flexibility, and are adjusting therapy services at the ROC to meet the needs of our participants during this difficult time. Families everywhere are d

Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis We at The Rural Outreach Center, serving S. Erie, W. Wyoming and N. Cattaraugus counties, would like to share the action we have taken to support our community in the face of COVID-19 challenges. Our goal is to ensure that those in need during

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