ROC Ripples – 07.30.14

Greetings! The Rural Outreach Center (the ROC) continues to create ripples in the communities we serve and we have some great news to share! We have been given a LARGE double wide trailer to use until we can put up our building. The 70 x 38 foot trailer is a FEMA trailer that was used […]

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ROC Ripples – 04.09.14

Exciting news! Read all the way to the bottom to learn about a CHALLENGE made to the ROC. We hosted our ROC ‘N Spring event on Sunday evening, April 6th and had over 100 attendees. The Elm Street Bakery was a wonderful venue; they provided food and beer. Reeds Liquor store in East Aurora provided […]

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ROC Ripples – 03.24.14

Greetings! The Rural Outreach Center (the ROC) is creating ripples that are touching the lives of many in our communities. The ROC continues to serve those who are struggling in our rural communities. The ROC has created a place of hope where those in need can easily access multiple resources to assist, empower and elevate […]

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